Muslim-Jewish Twinning in Beaumont, Texas

(submitted by Rabbi Joshua Taub, spiritual leader of Temple Emanuel, Beaumont)

The Shabbat of Twinning event at Temple Emanuel in Beaumont Texas was a great success. Our guest, Imam Fahmee Al-Uqdah shared a warm and wonderful message of shared heritage and narrative between the Jewish and Muslim communities. He called for all of our continued efforts to find ways to remove the barriers of ignorance and misconception on both sides and bring the Jewish and Muslim communities in Southeast Texas together. He and I are both working to bring about an invitation to me to attend/speak at a local Muslim gathering. For such a thing to happen would be a big deal down here.


We look forward to participating the Twinning program next year, and continuing to build bridges in the mean time.


One thought on “Muslim-Jewish Twinning in Beaumont, Texas

  1. Recently I have contacted local synagogues, churches and mosques with the following inquiry:

    Subject: Hallelelujah, a United Prayer for Peace

    I was reading Psalm 150, Hallelujah, Praise God. I have a thought. Wouldn’t it be unique if the Jews, Christians and Muslims could at least agree on one united prayer? As the holiday season comes near, I have a vision of us getting together and in unison, singing Psalm 150.

    Do you agree?

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