Twinning between the Islamic Center of Maryland and Kehila Chadasha, both in Montgomery Country, Maryland

 submitted by Hytham Younis of the Islamic Center of Maryland

We had a lovely and warm gathering for the members of Kehila Chadasha and the Islamic Center of Maryland.  A woman from the ICM community opened her house for a pot-luck dinner.  I was a bit late, but when I arrived I found Rabbi David (Shneyer of Kehilah Chadasha) sitting with people around the dining room table and having fascinating discussion.  I joined in, for a while, then it was time for us to make the night prayer.  Some members of Kehila joined in with us.  Afterwards, David gave us a talk about Abraham and Isaac in the story of the sacrifice.

To me it felt like a family gathering.  To me it was more than relaxed, and cordial.  I always sense that a vital connection is made.  It is a connection like no other connection – with anyone else.


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