Twinning Event between All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) and the North Virginia Hebrew Congregation (NVHC)

Submitted by Rabbi Michael Holzman, NVHC
Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation (NVHC) and the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) have a long term interfaith partnership.   For over 3 years now, NVHC has hosted Friday prayers as one of the many satellite locations for ADAMS.  In addition NVHC has hosted Ramadan prayers and evening meals as well as Eid celebrations.  This year for the weekend of twinning, Rabbi Michael Holzman was invited to address the Friday prayer groups on November 18, and Imam Magid was invited to teach at the regular Shabbat morning Torah Study on November 19.  He taught about the Quran’s stories of Ibrahim/Abraham.  In addition, on Monday night, November 21, both Imam and Rabbi spoke at the ADAMS center on the topic of Halakhah (Jewish Law) and Sharia (Islamic Law) in the larger context of United States Constitutional Law.

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