Weekend of Twinning event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

submitted by Ronnie Freid, of the Jewish (Orthodox) community of Amsterdam
Yann Ben Soussan
Eszter Varga
Judith Bogos
Ronny Fried
Arif Abdilah
Cagdas Firat
Majeed El Chemor
Hamid Bouqzzaouji
All the participants mentioned above, spent a traditional Jewish Friday night dinner together.
We were all curious to know and learn more about the other side peoples faith and tradition.
We discovered that both religions have much in common, and more important, that beyond all the prejudice we are human beings with aspirations, hopes,curiosity and fears.
It was a very pleasent evening,and we all had the feeling, at the end of the dinner, that if we just open up, and listen to the other side, brave friendships and relations can be built.

I hope to have more chances to host such dinners.

Ronny Fried

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