Welcome to the 5th Annual Weekend of Twinning!

Submitted by Walter Ruby

Muslim-Jewish Program Director, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding

Dear Friends,

A heartfelt Salaam and Shalom! Welcome to the official blog of the 5th Annual Weekend of Twinning; the largest Muslim-Jewish encounter anywhere in the world, though it happens in many places at once. Indeed, during course of the observance of the 5th Annual Weekend of Twinning, thousands of Muslims and Jews in scores of cities in 26 countries on 4 continents will come together to hold joint programs dedicated to building lasting ties of communication, reconciliation and cooperation.

The Weekend of Twinning, which kicked off this week with the visit of members of the Jewish community of Simferopol, Ukraine to an observance of Eid-al-Adha by members of the Crimean Tatar community in that city (see below story), will reach its height on the weekend of November 16-18 and continue until the end of December.

The official theme of the Weekend of Twinning this year is Jews and Muslims Feeding the Hungry Together. 15 such events will take place in cities across North America, sponsored by FFEU in conjunction with groups like Muslims Against Hunger and Masbia. Please click on the below link for a film trailer, produced by FFEU and Unity Productions Foundation, about Muslims and Jews feeding the hungry and homeless together during the Weekend of Twinning.


In addition to these Feeding the Hungry events, there will, as in past years, be many diverse types of twinning encounters, during which we will celebrate commonalities in our two faith traditions and work together for the benefit of our two communities and the varied societies in which we live side by side.

What we must do in addition to holding these groundbreaking Muslim-Jewish encounters around the world is to make sure that as many people as possible find out about the wonderful work that Jews and Muslims are doing together in so many cities and countries. We therefore ask that those of you planning Weekend of Twinning events in your cities send us short reports on your twinning events immediately after they happen, together with photos to walterruby@gmail.com , so that we can put them up on this blog. We will also post these reports on our FFEU Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Foundation-For-Ethnic-Understanding-FFEU/166163316772349

In addition, we ask you to get the word out on your events in advance by posting them on your own Facebook pages, and by tweeting before, during and after your events at: https://twitter.com/FFEUny   Twitter Handle: @FFEUny

In short, we need your help to make this blog into a thing of beauty and an irrefutable testament to the reality that Muslims and Jews are building ties of friendship and trust around the world. Help us to inform our two peoples—and people everywhere–of this important story. Let’s do it together.

Walter Ruby

Muslim-Jewish Program Director

Foundation for Ethnic Understanding

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