Atlanta Muslim and Jewish Feeding the Hungry Event

Facebook Event:

Together with the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta, AJC ACCESS Atlanta, Children of Abraham–Emory, and Open Jewish Project we will meet at The Temple for an in depth discussion and brief video prepared by The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU) on the common moral imperative in both Islam and Judaism to feed the hungry and help those most in need. It will also be a chance to socialize and build personal and communal ties between members of the Atlanta Muslim and Jewish communities.

PLEASE bring a few canned goods which we will donate to a local food drive!Weekend of Twinning: Organized by The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding in cooperation with the Islamic Society of North America and major Jewish and Muslim organizations around the world, the Weekend of Twinning is an initiative in which synagogues, mosques, and Muslim and Jewish young leadership groups form partnerships and hold joint programs with the goal of building ties of communication, reconciliation, and cooperation between Muslims and Jews.

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