A Reflection from Esmond Rosen of the Jewish Volunteering Network on Muju’s “24 Hours Later” play in honor of the Weekend of Twinning

Esmond Rosen, Regional Development Manager of the London-based Jewish Volunteering Network on the Mu Ju Crew performance

You appear to be going from Strength to Strength and Shekayach on your current international achievements and we hope in our limited way to support (y)our aims and objectives.

Just to report back, that I had the privilege of attending The Muju presentation “24 hours later” on Monday evening produced as part of the FFEU Weekend of Twining and its theme of Hunger & Poverty.

The mixed Jewish and Muslim cast were introduced to the audience as having scripted together over the previous 24 hours performing acts depicting both religious and cultural reactions to the issues of poverty and fundraising, having previously been given an explanation of both the aims and the values of the FFEU. This provided me with an opportunity in the Q/A afterwards to provide a further brief explanation of the Foundation and its objectives.

The workshop skilfully conveyed a few highly amusing sketches of different family reactions to poverty, and its relief, issues of research funding with its changing criteria of potential donors to suit fashion or events, a charity collectors ability to change his dialogue to suitparticular clients and finally a Muslim grandparent being introduced to her final aged caring home.

All acts provided interesting points to challenge stereotypes and myths surrounding the thematic issues which was warmly appreciated by the small but appreciative audience.


Muju is a unique and wonderful example of the power of what drama can achieve to encourage debate and discussion by tackling difficult issues with sensitivity and humour whilst communicating ideas and thoughts especially to young people. Unfortunately and this is not a direct call for funds, Muju has limited capacity to develop beyond its current scope of performing one off short productions a few times a year and its touring facilities particularly to students, communities and schools are almost non existent.

They are fortunate to have access via the Tricycle Theatre to rehearsal and performance space but no further ability to develop.


Best Wishes and Much Success with the Weekend of Twinning,



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