Season of Twinning: Sao Paulo 2015

CIP (The Israelite Congregation in Sao Paulo) hosted for the first time in Brazil, the SEASON of TWINNING, an action coordinated by the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, a non-governmental organization based in New York and dedicated to strengthen relations between groups, to promote understanding, and to reduce tensions between different ethnic communities.
The season, held annually since 2008, aims to promote dialogue between Jews and Muslims with the cooperation of Christians and other religious communities, seeking to build a global movement of communication, reconciliation and cooperation.
With the theme “We Refuse to Be Enemies”, the SEASON of TWINNING SAO PAULO was organized by Rafaela Barkay and the CIP’s Youth Department. Jews, Christians and Muslims participated in a workshop on dialogue and non-violence facilitated by David Windholz, an educator, social psychologist, and director of the “Alternative Center for Peace” in Israel. A coffee break was offered by Sheila Mann, who launched a new phase of her project “Peace On The Table” under the slogan “Make Hummus, Not War”, followed by a video conference with the Brazilian filmmaker living in Los Angeles, Claudia Sobral and the screening, in firsthand of her new documentary “Everest Hotel” about coexistence projects between Israelis and Palestinians.
#WeRefuseToBeEnemies #Tw15nning

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