The Muslim-Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester Holds Successful “Spread Hummus Not Hate” Event


On Sunday 15 November, 75 people attended an event at Bury Town Hall in entitled “Spread Hummus Not Hate” to mark the 8th global Season of Twinning between Muslims and Jews initiated by the Foundation For Ethnic Understanding in New York. The event was organized by the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester in partnership with “We Stand Together” and Faith Network for Manchester.

The guests were welcomed by Chief Inspector Umer Khan and Jonny Wineberg who are the Co-Chairs of “We Stand Together.” Immediately afterwards, everyone observed one minute of silence for the victims of the tragic attacks in Paris on Friday evening.

Other speakers included:

  • Imam Asad Zaman,
  • Imam Umer Khalid,
  • Cllr Tamoor Tariq,
  • Jewish Rep Council President Sharon Bannister,
  • Rabbi Warren Elf,
  • North West MEP and Muslim Jewish Forum Co-Founder, Afzal Khan CBE MEP and
  • Muslim Jewish Forum Co-Chair, Heather Fletcher

All the speakers stressed the need for more events like this one which bring people of all faiths together, especially in the light of the tragedies in Paris.

There were table discussions about how to improve community relations and the guests were also treated to an extensive buffet which included many different types of hummus to spread in keeping with the title of the event.

There were many first time attendees to Forum events.

Mr. Tahir Rafiq stated “Today was my first attendance, I was glad to be here, it was very inspirational and informative. It is necessary to spread the message of interfaith and similarities in our religions. We must stand together.”

Another first time attendee, Mr. Darren Niman stated “This event proved to me that this is about real people who just want to live together and work together in peace and harmony, reaching out to each other for the common good of all communities, not letting external issues in the wider world get in the way. This is the way forward for a brighter, happier and peaceful future.


The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester is a company limited by guarantee. It’s objects are: to develop the cultural and social ties between the Muslim and Jewish Communities of Greater Manchester; to educate members of the Muslim and Jewish Communities in relation to their shared values and common Abrahamic tradition, heritage, history and culture; and to promote better understanding within the wider community of the interests and values that are common to the Muslim and Jewish Communities.

Manchester is home to the second largest Jewish community in the UK. The Muslim community in Manchester is exceptionally diverse. While the largest component is of Pakistani origin, most Muslim majority countries are represented, as well as increasing numbers of converts.


#WeRefuseToBeEnemies #Tw15nning #SpreadHummusNotHate

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