Twinning Event in Manchester Grammar School

Impressive event held in Manchester Grammar School taught the importance of religious tolerance, togetherness and peace between different ethnic communities. The Twinning slogan, “We Refuse To Be Enemies” drove the spirit of the event for over 300 students and several teachers in attendance!


Speakers included Heather Fletcher representing the Muslim Jewish Forum as its Co-Chair and Qaisra Shahraz representing the same forum as an executive member and as the Vice Chair of Faith Network 4 Manchester.


According to Qaisra Shahraz, who helped organize this incredible day of Twinning, the event endured “a lovely and lively atmosphere as we enjoyed eating Hummus and Pitta bread and posing for pictures. Most memorable and happy afternoon.”



The event wishes to thank, “Terrie James, Jane Withel, Dan Farr, the teachers, the two sixth form boys who introduced us and Hannah Salomon from UJIA who has helped to arrange this event.”


Link to Qaisra’s blog:


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