Muslim-Jewish program Director Walter Ruby spoke on the theme of “Standing Up For Each Other In Challenging Times” at an #IAmAmerica event at the Bharatiya Hindu Temple in Troy, MI on Sunday November 20 co-sponsored by the Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network and the Greater Detroit Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Council. The event was also part of FFEU’s Season of Twinning and was attended by an audience of about 100.

Ruby spoke of the importance of #IAmAmerica rallies in cities around the country that day in affirming, in the face of escalating hate crimes across the country in recent days, directed against Muslims, Jews, immigrants and others, that people of diverse faith and ethnic communities are full partners in ensuring the success of America.
Ruby and other speakers in a panel discussion affirmed the importance of faith leaders coming together to pledge to stand up for each other if members of any faith or ethnic community are demonized, discriminated against or victimized by hate crimes or incitement. The event ended in a vibrant Interfaith Service and Concert.

Walter Ruby (3rd from left) speaks on the theme of ‘Standing Up for Each Other in Challenging Times’ at #IAmAmerican event in Flint, MI. Other members of an interfaith panel convened by the Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network, discuss strategies for faith leaders of diverse faiths to come together in support of each other. (l-r) Raman Singh, Sikh community, Rev. David Kasbow, Unification Church, Walter Ruby, FFEU, Antariksa des, Hare Kirshna community,  Michael Kelly, Quaker community, Sumaiya Ahmed, Michigan Muslim Community Council

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