Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester’s Annual Iftar Celebration

FFEU friend and partner, Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester had their annual Iftar on May 27th, 2018 at UKIM Khizra Masjid in Manchester.

The Forum co-chair, Mohammed Amin MBE, The Lord Mayor of Manchester, Cllr June Hitchen, Rabbi Dr Bobby Silverman of Manchester Reform Synagogue, Sajjad Amin of UKIM Khizra Masjid and The Very Reverend Rogers Govender, Dean of Manchester, were among the keynote speakers. The other Forum Co-Chair, Heather Fletcher was Master of Ceremonies.


In this difficult week following the first Anniversary of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack, all of the speakers shared their perspectives about the need for unity. Each welcomed the rich tapestry and diversity of people who had made Manchester their home over the last couple of centuries.

Within her vote of thanks, June Rosen Executive Member of the forum shared a personal observation: “There is a well-known saying that ‘what Manchester does today the world does tomorrow.’ If this evening is what Manchester does today and what the world will do tomorrow, this could be the greatest gift that this great and proud city has ever given.”


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