Muslim-Jewish young women twinning in Berlin, Germany

On December 16, 2018, FFEU European Coordinator Samia Hathroubi organized a Season of Twinning in Berlin, Germany. Hathroubi organized the first of a series of Muslim-Jewish events with young women.

Muslim and Jewish professionals from NGOs sector, and young scholars met and celebrated Mawlid Annabi and Hannukah. They shared their expertise and views about Muslim-Jewish relations In Berlin. The second meeting will be planned for March.#FFEUSOT #SeasonofTwinning2018


Online Training on Racism and Anti-Semitism in Paris

On December 4th, 2018, Espoir 18, launched their online training on racism and Anti-Semitism in Paris. The event, supported by The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding during the #SeasonofTwinning2018, gathered a hundred young Parisians and representatives of French organizations. The training program is led by Espoir18 Director Jerome Disle and D’ailleurs et d’ici Director Marc Cheb Sun.

See more about the online training (French) here:

Earlier this year, a delegation of Espoir18 met with various US organizations fighting racism and bigotry, including FFEU Executive Director Chris Sacarabany, FFEU friends, Wise Founder Daisy Khan and New York Muslim Jewish Solidarity Committee Executive Director Michelle Koch, in New York and Washington, DC.