JAMAAT General Assembly standing in solidarity twinning event in Maryland, USA

FFEU partner, Walter Ruby and JAMAAT (Jews, Muslims and Allies Acting Together) had JAMAAT General Assembly on November 18, 2018. The event was hosted by B’nai Israel Congregation in Rockville, MD in partnership with the Jewish-Islamic Dialogue Society, Greater Washington Muslim-Jewish Forum, Rumi Forum and Foundation of Ethnic Understanding. The event was part of FFEU’s 2018 Global Season of Twinning. In the shadow of the horrific massacre in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Washington area Muslims, Jews and allies came together to declare solidarity with and support of each other and discuss strategies for helping each other in this time of increased hatred and bigotry in America.



NYC Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee’s 4th Annual Iftar


NYC Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee organized its 4th Annual Iftar on June 07, 2018 with the support of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding at Temple Emanu-el Synagogue. It was the biggest and most successful celebration that saw the coming together of Muslims, Jews and allies to embrace the common humanity, stand with those impacted by all forms of violence and oppression, and reflect on everyone’s role in creating more peace in the world.


Click on the link to watch the video coverage of i24NEWS: https://bit.ly/2MklBRe

Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester’s Annual Iftar Celebration

FFEU friend and partner, Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester had their annual Iftar on May 27th, 2018 at UKIM Khizra Masjid in Manchester.

The Forum co-chair, Mohammed Amin MBE, The Lord Mayor of Manchester, Cllr June Hitchen, Rabbi Dr Bobby Silverman of Manchester Reform Synagogue, Sajjad Amin of UKIM Khizra Masjid and The Very Reverend Rogers Govender, Dean of Manchester, were among the keynote speakers. The other Forum Co-Chair, Heather Fletcher was Master of Ceremonies.


In this difficult week following the first Anniversary of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack, all of the speakers shared their perspectives about the need for unity. Each welcomed the rich tapestry and diversity of people who had made Manchester their home over the last couple of centuries.

Within her vote of thanks, June Rosen Executive Member of the forum shared a personal observation: “There is a well-known saying that ‘what Manchester does today the world does tomorrow.’ If this evening is what Manchester does today and what the world will do tomorrow, this could be the greatest gift that this great and proud city has ever given.”


Interfaith Spring Picnic in Washington, DC


FFEU supported and co-sponsored the Jewish-Islamic Dialogue Society (JIDS) Spring Picnic alongside the Greater Washington Muslim-Jewish Forum, and Jews and Muslims Acting Together (JAM-AT) on May 06th, 2018. Muslims and Jews from around Greater Washington came together in Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C., for a delicious vegetarian meal, games, good conversation and discussion of plans for upcoming Ramadan iftars and events throughout the year focused on strengthening ties of understanding and standing up for each other if either community is victimized by hate crimes or incitement.

Muslim-Jewish Dialogue in Malmo, Sweden

On April 26th, 2018, The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding-FFEU European coordinator Samia Hathroubi was invited by Rebecca Lillian from Open Skåne and the city of Malmo alongside American and European leaders working in the field of Muslim-Jewish cooperation to share her expertise on Muslim-Jewish dialogue and FFEU-sponsored initiatives like the youth program, Sadaqa Tsedaka, implemented last year in Paris.



It was a great opportunity to highlight the importance of working together on common issues like in 2014, with the Danish ban on ritual slaughter.

She also met with the Rabbi of Malmo, Rabbi Moshe David HaCohen who shared his amazing work with Imam Salahuddin Barakat to combat anti-semitism which is a huge threat to the Jewish community.


NYC Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee hosted its 3rd Annual Passover in a Mosque


NYC Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee hosted its 3rd Annual Passover in a Mosque on March 20, 2018. The Passover celebration of freedom and justice provides us a special opportunity to come together and demonstrate our unity, despite the current divisive political climate. Our unique interfaith Passover Seder combines the traditional Haggadah story reading with group discussions and time to reflect on our own stories and challenges. We will be welcomed by Imam Ahmed Dewidar, led by Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann in the Haggadah reading and ritual, and then enjoy a delicious halal/kosher meal.

This event would not be possible without the generous support of our partners: The Anti-Defamation League, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, Islamic Society of Mid Manhattan, and Society for the Advancement of Judaism.

Click on the link to watch the coverage from VOA news.

CRARR Interfaith and Intergenerational Commemoration of the 1st Anniversary of the Islamophobic killing at the Quebec City Mosque

On January 29 2018, the Center for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR) organized an Interfaith and Intergenerational commemoration of the First Anniversary of the Islamophobic killing at the Quebec City mosque, Concordia University, Montreal. CRARR’s representatives read Rabbi Marc Schneier’s statement. The Event was co-sponsored by Concordia Student Union (CSU) with the support from the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding.


CRARR’s representatives read Rabbi Marc Schneier’s following statement:

“As we mark the first anniversary of the Mosque massacre in Quebec City, I stand in solidarity with the Muslim people of Quebec and with the Canadian people. The attack held a year ago against the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City was a despicable act of terror which reminds us that Islamophobia is real. Muslims and Jews share a common faith and a common fate. Let’s be determined, more than ever, to stand up for each other and speak out against bigotry”.


Muslim-Jewish Twinning in Tunis in commemoration of the deportation of Tunisian Jews during the Nazi invasion of Tunisia between 1942-1943

On December 27, 2017,The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding sponsored a Muslim-Jewish twinning event in Tunis hosted by the Tunisian Association for the Support of Minorities (L’Association Tunisienne de Soutien des Minorités). L’Association Tunisienne de Soutien des Minorités organized the 6th Anniversary for the commemoration of the deportation of Tunisian Jews during the Nazi invasion of Tunisia between 1942 and 1943. The event was held under the theme “the different forms of discrimination against Tunisian Jews in history”.

Tunisia7Yamina Thabet, President of the association, opened the meeting by thanking the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding for supporting the event. She further insisted on the fact that although the association has received threats in order to call off the conference, all the members of the TASM have not been discouraged and maintained the association’s tradition to commemorate these events and to remind the Tunisians of the forgotten part of Tunisia’s history on the deportation of Tunisian Jews during Second World War.

Tunisia8.jpgFour lecturers took part in the conference: Mr. Jawhar Ben Mbarek, Mrs. Danielle Hentati, Mr. René Trabelsi, and Mr. Jacob Lellouche.

Tunisian political leaders as well as representatives of the Embassy of the United States, United Kingdom, the Kingdom of Morocco, France and Germany attended the event.



Muslim-Jewish Women twinning event at Yeshurun Synagogue in Manchester, UK


The Yeshurun Synagogue hosted a special Interfaith event as part of a ‘Season of Twinning’ project.

The event in partnership with Faith Network 4 Manchester (FN4M) and ‘We Stand Together’ was linked to the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding’s (FFEU) and attended by twenty Muslim and Jewish women from Cheadle and Manchester mosques and the Yeshurun and Menorah synagogues.

It was organised by Qaisra Shahraz, a novelist, and Co-Chair of both the Faith Network 4 Manchester & We Stand Together and hosted by Marilyn Berg, Vice- Chair of the Yeshurun Synagogue and former teacher.

The event celebrated and promoted friendship, unity and the common elements of both faiths, Islam and Judaism.

Muslim women learnt about Hanukkah, and Jewish religious rituals during the tour of the synagogue.

yeshurun dudia.wst gp me

They admired the gorgeous and colourful, hand-made embroidered tapestries hanging in the main hall.

A peace poem was read by Sue Stern, a local Jewish author, and Marilyn Berg delighted the guests with funny stories and jokes including about Greggs the bakers.

Qaisra Shahraz organiser said,  ‘I am delighted that this twinning event of Jewish and Muslim women from two Mosques and two synagogues went exceedingly well.

“We could not stop talking, smiling, hugging and sharing our stories-and happily posing with ‘We Stand Together’ & ‘Spread Hummus Not Hate’ peace banners.

yeshurun dudia.jpg.gallery

Marilyn Berg the host from the Yeshurun Synagogue said, ‘We are delighted to host this twinning event. It was full of laughter, friendship and helped to break down any barriers. We found out more about what united us than divided us. And we respected our differences.’

Rubbiah Hamanyu from Cheadle Mosque said, ‘This event reminded us beautifully that as people of faith, we have much In common.

“It is important therefore that our common values of neighbourliness , justice and love for humankind always shine through.’

Vicki Garson of the Menorah Synagogue said, ‘The genuine warmth of this event was inspiring…it was a pleasure to chat and discover how much we all had in common. I would like to thank our hosts for looking after us so well and the organisers for making it happen.’

Rifat Mirza of Cheadle Mosque added, ‘It was lovely to be able to share stories through dialogue- Muslim and Jewish women and such dialogue is so important in bringing people together like this twinning interfaith event.’

Sue Stern from the Yeshurun Synagogue said, ‘We all got on so well, everyone wished that the world could be like that. A great beginning to the coming year.’

yeshurun dudia.sue.jpg

June Rosen of the Yeshurun Synagogue said, ‘It was such a warm relaxed gathering, making new friends and renewing friendships with others, everyone intent to do whatever they could to make the word a better place for our children and future generations.’

Dudia Zilic of Didsbury Mosque said, ‘It was an excellent event. We need more like this to bring people of different faiths together.

“Talking is so important. And in building bridges between the two communities.

“This was my first visit to a synagogue and I learnt alot, including about Hannukah. We have so much in common. The host ladies were lovely and looked after us so well.’


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