FSD 3-day seminar on “What Is the Problem with Religion? A New Approach for an Inclusive Society” in Italy


As a part of The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding-FFEU’s Season of Twinning with the Muslim World League the Scuola fiorentina per l’educazione al dialogo interreligioso (Florence School of Advanced Studies for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue) hosted a 3-day seminar on: “What Is the Problem with Religion? A New Approach for an Inclusive Society.” The event was also supported by European University Institute’s School of Transnational Governance, and offered an interactive analysis of interfaith encounters throughout Europe. The Seminar ran from November 11 through November 13, with 16 total participants. Overall, the participants gained an awareness for the importance of including interfaith leaders and communities in civil institutions. #Twinning2019 Joseph Levi


IEA coordinated meeting between rabbis and sheikhs from the HaSharon/Nablus area in Israel

As part of The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding-FFEU’s Season of Twinning, the Interfaith Encounter Association coordinated a meeting between rabbis and sheikhs from the HaSharon/Nablus area. The event lasted for two hours and was filled with open discussion and friendship. After seeing the success of the meeting, they have decided to continue their interfaith exchange at least once a month, and pursue social action together #Twinning2019

MJFGM hosted a Muslim-Jewish panel on citizenship rights in Manchester, England

On October 31st, 2019, The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding-FFEU partner The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester hosted a panel on citizenship rights, featuring both Muslim and Jewish panelists. The Forum’s co-chair Councillor Heather Fletcher moderated an engaging discussion on feeling a sense of belonging in local communities, states, and beyond. Muslim World League #Twinning2019

Panel Twinning 2019 Muslim Jewish Forum Greater ManchesterMuslim-Jewish-Forum-Loose-Lawyers-31-10-2019

Pictured below, from left to right: Forum Co-Chair Mohammed Amin; Speaker David Berkley QC, Barrister; Forum Co-Chair and event chair Cllr Heather Fletcher; Speaker Ahmed Nadim, Barrister; Forum Co-Founder Afzal Khan CBE MP; Lord Mayor of Manchester Cllr Abid Chohan; Speaker Joanne Feldman, Solicitor; and Speaker Nasir Hafezi, Solicitor.

FFEU launched its 2019 Global Season of Twinning with a Muslims Against Antisemitism Commemoration Service

The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding-FFEU kicked-off the start of its Global Season of Twinning, together with the Muslim World League, with a Muslims Against Antisemitism Commemoration Service in partnership with Indian Pluralism Foundation. and in collaboration with Centre for Peace and Spirituality International and AJC – Global Jewish Advocacy, to remember the victims of the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting last year.

The event also honored the myriad religious hate crime victims who are targeted across the world including the killings in the mosques, temples and churches.

This Remembrance prayer meet held in Beth El Synagogue in Kolkata, India on October 26th, 2019 was attended mostly by the Muslim community, who stood hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with their Jewish brothers. Imam Abdul Aziz from Nakhuda Mosque offered his prayers and continued support towards promoting Jewish-Muslim harmony. #Twinning2019



Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester Interfaith Dinner in Prestwich, UK

As the Season of Twinning continues, we thank one of our UK partners, The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester, for holding another twinning event on January 13th, 2019. The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester’s members and friends gathered in Prestwich to enjoy their annual kosher meal out together. The event’s guest of honor was Mayor of Bury, Cllr Jane Black, who is the 8’th Jewish Mayor of Bury, together with her husband and official consort Mark Sankey.

#SeasonofTwinning #FFEUSOT


Muslim-Jewish young women twinning in Berlin, Germany

On December 16, 2018, FFEU European Coordinator Samia Hathroubi organized a Season of Twinning in Berlin, Germany. Hathroubi organized the first of a series of Muslim-Jewish events with young women.

Muslim and Jewish professionals from NGOs sector, and young scholars met and celebrated Mawlid Annabi and Hannukah. They shared their expertise and views about Muslim-Jewish relations In Berlin. The second meeting will be planned for March.#FFEUSOT #SeasonofTwinning2018


Online Training on Racism and Anti-Semitism in Paris

On December 4th, 2018, Espoir 18, launched their online training on racism and Anti-Semitism in Paris. The event, supported by The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding during the #SeasonofTwinning2018, gathered a hundred young Parisians and representatives of French organizations. The training program is led by Espoir18 Director Jerome Disle and D’ailleurs et d’ici Director Marc Cheb Sun.

See more about the online training (French) here: http://www.mooc.espoir18.org/

Earlier this year, a delegation of Espoir18 met with various US organizations fighting racism and bigotry, including FFEU Executive Director Chris Sacarabany, FFEU friends, Wise Founder Daisy Khan and New York Muslim Jewish Solidarity Committee Executive Director Michelle Koch, in New York and Washington, DC.