What’s Your Story?

Comment below to share stories of Muslim-Jewish communication, reconciliation and cooperation in your community.

One thought on “What’s Your Story?

  1. MY STORY- Juman Khweis

    We ​have pioneered many initiatives promoting Jewish-Muslim dialogue​​ at the Islamic Society of North America’s Office for Interfaith and Community Alliances (IOICA). We are pleased that FFEU​, one of our long-term partners,​ is forming solidarity committees across the country that will serve as vehicles for Jewish-Muslim understanding. This is an important step in facilitating Muslim-Jewish dialogue—something that has been hampered by the situation in the Holy Land. However, if we hope to tackle contentious issues that have divided the Muslim and Jewish communities in the past, our joint initiatives have to continue to reinforce mutual trust and confidence. We believe that forums for dialogue and conversation are ​the best means to move forward for building bridges of understanding.

    I, myself, have witnessed the positive ripple effects of such committees. As a member of the Greater Washington Muslim Jewish (GMWJ) Forum, I felt proud when members of the group, particularly those in the Standing Up for Each Other (SUFO) Subcommittee, rallied to speak out against an anti-Semitic program that was being aired on DC public television. When I needed help pairing up mosques and synagogues to engage in an interfaith dialogue or activity, the GWMJ google group proved to be an invaluable resource putting me in touch with well -connected individuals in the interfaith world. These experiences have energized me, and I pray that others will feel the same as they get involved with their solidarity committees.

    See below for a photo of a twinning event in 2012:

    Twinning event, 2012

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