Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester Interfaith Dinner in Prestwich, UK

As the Season of Twinning continues, we thank one of our UK partners, The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester, for holding another twinning event on January 13th, 2019. The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester’s members and friends gathered in Prestwich to enjoy their annual kosher meal out together. The event’s guest of honor was Mayor of Bury, Cllr Jane Black, who is the 8’th Jewish Mayor of Bury, together with her husband and official consort Mark Sankey.

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Online Training on Racism and Anti-Semitism in Paris

On December 4th, 2018, Espoir 18, launched their online training on racism and Anti-Semitism in Paris. The event, supported by The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding during the #SeasonofTwinning2018, gathered a hundred young Parisians and representatives of French organizations. The training program is led by Espoir18 Director Jerome Disle and D’ailleurs et d’ici Director Marc Cheb Sun.

See more about the online training (French) here:

Earlier this year, a delegation of Espoir18 met with various US organizations fighting racism and bigotry, including FFEU Executive Director Chris Sacarabany, FFEU friends, Wise Founder Daisy Khan and New York Muslim Jewish Solidarity Committee Executive Director Michelle Koch, in New York and Washington, DC.

Season of Twinning Conference in Florence, Italy

FFEU partner, the Florence School of Dialogue (FSD) led by FSD President Rabbi Joseph Levi, organized in Florence, Italy, on the occasion of the Season of Twinning, a conference titled “The Right of Places of Worship in the World”, held on the 29th November 2018.  Among the keynote speakers joining Rabbi Levi were Yassine Lafram, President of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy and Mgr Andrea Bellandi, Vicar general of the Archdiocese of Florence.


Season of Twinning panel discussion in Canada

On November 28, 2018, FFEU partners in Canada, JspaceCanada and the Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims organized a #SeasonofTwinning2018 at the Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto. JspaceCanada and CAJM hosted representatives from Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom for a panel discussion about their  educational work for peace and cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians.

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Musical Festival, Jewslims Orchestra, in Lviv, Ukraine

On November 21st, FFEU partner in Ukraine, the Union of Jewish Religious Organizations of Ukraine led by its Board Chairman Pavel Feldblyum, organized a twinning event in Lviv. The Twinning program is a musical festival called the “Jewslims Orchestra”, uniting Ukrainian Jews, Crimean Tatars, and the Chingenes (Crimea-Tatar Roms). The Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi was one of the distinguished attendees.

Musicians include Mitya Gerasimov (Pushkin Klezmer Band) and Grammy-awarded New York trumpeter Frank London (The Klezmatics, Klezmer Brass Allstars), and also famous Crimean-Tatar musicians Aliye Hadjabadinova and Shevket Zmorka.


Twinning event at the Grand Mosque of Geneva, Switzerland

FFEU friends, Hafid Ouardiri, Director of Centre intercantonal d’information sur les croyances and Vice President of the Interreligious Platform of Geneva, Rabbi Francois Garai, Rabbi of GILGeneve (the liberal Synagogue of Geneva) and Mr. Ventz Sabev, Vice President of the Spiritual Appeal of Geneva, were hosted by the Grand Mosque of Geneva on November 19th, 2018 as part of FFEU’s Season of Twinning. They were welcomed by H.E. Sofiyan El-Fahd, Director General of the Mosque,  Prof. Mohamed Lavrak, Communication Director and Assistant of the Secretary General of the World Muslim League, and Imam Sofiane Mhajri. The group discussed upcoming Muslim-Jewish projects in Switzerland. #SeasonofTwinning2018 #CommonFaith #CommonFate.



Congratulations to FFEU friends, Hafid Ouardiri, Director of Fondation pour l’entre-connaissance and Vice President of the Interreligious Platform of Geneva, Rabbi Francois Garai, Rabbi of Communauté Juive Libérale de Genève (the liberal Synagogue of Geneva) who are featured in La Tribune de Geneve. Dr. Ouardiri and Rabbi Garai took part in FFEU’s Season of Twinning program in November.  Inspired by FFEU’s Twinning program  Dr. Ouardiri and Rabbi Garai  will continue to strengthen Muslim-Jewish cooperation and lead the effort in Switzerland.

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Twinning article Switzerland 2018

JAMAAT General Assembly standing in solidarity twinning event in Maryland, USA

FFEU partner, Walter Ruby and JAMAAT (Jews, Muslims and Allies Acting Together) had JAMAAT General Assembly on November 18, 2018. The event was hosted by B’nai Israel Congregation in Rockville, MD in partnership with the Jewish-Islamic Dialogue Society, Greater Washington Muslim-Jewish Forum, Rumi Forum and Foundation of Ethnic Understanding. The event was part of FFEU’s 2018 Global Season of Twinning. In the shadow of the horrific massacre in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Washington area Muslims, Jews and allies came together to declare solidarity with and support of each other and discuss strategies for helping each other in this time of increased hatred and bigotry in America.



Muslim-Jewish students twinning event in Wellington, New Zealand

Another successful #FFEUSOT Twinning event in New Zealand: FFEU thanks Paul Morris, Professor of Religious Studies at Victoria University of Wellington for gathering Muslim-Jewish Students on November 18, 2018 in Wellington. Many students in attendance reported that it was  their first explicit meeting with a Muslim or a Jew. Students  (of medicine; law; international relations; biochemistry; engineering; architecture; and business)  gave excellent feedback about the workshop. They had an open discussions including Gaza, Zionism, the Shoah, and experiences, positive and negative, as religious minorities in New Zealand, a largely “secular” country. Both groups of students hope to meet again. #SeasonofTwinning2018

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Feeding the Hungry event at the Brotherhood Synagogue, NYC

The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding thanks all the volunteers who joined the #SeasonofTwinning2018 event, “Feeding the Hungry” on Nov. 11th, 2018 hosted at The Brotherhood Synagogue in New York City. The event was sponsored by FFEU and organized in partnership with Hungervan and Muslims Against Hunger, the Brotherhood Synagogue, the Nusantara Foundation through the leadership of Imam Shamsi Ali, Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee.

FFEU Executive Director Chris Sacarabany joined 50 volunteers including Rabbi Daniel Adler, Zamir Hassan, Maryam Zakiyah, students from the Islamic Center at New York University, a delegation of Indonesian students visiting the US and members of brotherhood Synagogue community in packing more than 7,000 meals to be delivered to various shelters and senior centers around New York City. #FFEUSOT